Certificate of Incorporation


Purpose Of Corporation / Declaration d'intention de l'organisation

  1. The Association of Chartered Loss Prevention Specialists of Canada was established to promote the advancement of knowledge, skills, research, education, training, professional certifications and code of ethics in Loss Prevention in all its ramifications in Canada and internationally, and build a community of Loss Prevention professionals; for professional networking, partnerships, advocacy, career mentoring, advancement, peer support, continuing education, professional development, innovation and learning.
  2. Association shall promote the interests of Loss Prevention professionals in Canada, establish and maintain professional, ethical & practice standards, foster global best practices in the Loss Prevention profession; and admit into the Association as members, only individuals who meet the membership requirements and demonstrate the highest standards of professional competence, skills, and integrity.
Association of Chartered Loss Prevention Specialists is Canada's standard-setting professional body for the promotion, development, and advancement of knowledge, research, education, training, professional certifications, and code of ethics in Loss Prevention

Support Hour

8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday